Magazine contributions 2004

The bequest of the evolution start the evening with a little snack and the crisp packet or the chocolate box empties by itself. Where does this appetite come from? For the primeval men food was essential to survive. Quarks & C, fight against kilos, 3’01, 13.01.2004, WDR Fernsehen

The genetic heritage from our prehistoric hunting-ancestors causes problems nowadays

CERN -- this Mecca of the particle physicists: Here it shall be where they follow the question of all questions: what holds the world  together in the innermost part. What do particle physicists actually do? Hard to explain: They want to find the basic constituent of the world. Q21, knowledge for tomorrow, 8’31, 19.10.2004, WDR Fernsehen

How safe is our power supply system? To answer this question the institute for electrical plants and energy industry in Aachen is the first address. Quarks & Co under current, 4’33, 31.05.2005, WDR Fernsehen

The virtual power station: Alarm in the  control centre point of the great energy AG. The balance sheets are not correct. More energy than planned is used up. The network operators must step in. Quarks & Co under current, 4’05, 31.05.2005, WDR Fernsehen

Learn to go again is the most ardent wish of a strokepatient. A new machine helps her at it. Q21, knowledge for tomorrow, 4’03, 07.06.2005, WDR Fernsehen

Care-o-bot:: A waiter and household assistant self-sacrificing and selfless. Q21, knowledge for tomorrow, 4’05, 07.06.2005, WDR Fernsehen

Earth without moon. The simple questions are sometimes the most difficult ones. “Dad, what would happen if there was no moon?” Quarks & Co gravity -- or why the stone falls? 3’11, 6.12.2005, WDR Fernsehen

The sarcophagus. One human life span is not enough to defeat the reactor definitely. W wie Wissen, 5’04, 02.04.2006, ARD

The ghost town, the decline of Pripjat: It is a special journey. 20 years have passed in the meantime. Jielena goes to her old native country. Quarks & Co, 20 years Chernobyl, 6’32, 11.4.2006, WDR Fernsehen

The way to the sarcophagus, report: Entry within the 30 km  restricted zone  around the nuclear power station of Chernobyl. After innumerable telephone calls and faxes we got a special permission. Quarks & Co, 20 years Chernobyl, 6’32, 11.4.2006, WDR Fernsehen

The master display of reactor block 4. The emergency cut-out was located at this place.