1991, 1993, 1995 Recieved a Journalist Scholarship from the Protestant Student Union Federal Asscociation for preperationand production of a daily newspaper project called “ProTest”, during the Prostant Church Days.
1989 - 1995 Worked in co-operation with editors of town and university paper “Marburg Virus”
1995 - 1996 Worked in co-operation with sport editors of a daily newspaper called ”Folks Friend”
1996 - 1998 Worked in co-operation with editors of “Religion and Society” WDR Radio 5
January 10th-12th, 1997 German Folk Scholarship Foundation seminar on Journalism, AG Science Journalism by Rainer Flöhl
January 13th-17th  , 1997 Further education event titled “Interview” at the Bavarian Press Academy
Aug. - Sep. 1997 Guest member at Abroad Filmstudios Deutsche Welle in Washington, through Dr. Alexander and Rita Besser Foundation Scholarship for junior staff journalists
Since November 1997 Worked in co-operation with Quarks & Co editors, WDR Television
Since 1998 Various Projects as an Independent Science  Journalist for: Die Woche, Financial Times Germany, Stuttgarter Newspaper, South German Newspaper, Rheinische Post, Westfalia Newspaper, und Mid German Newspaper
May 28th-29th , 1999 Blind date, author meets Cameraman, Communication between vision and reallization, WDR Further Education Event
December 11th-15th, 2000 Professionalizing Seminar for independent workers I, “Contribution to Television- Texts for Pictures”, WDR Education Editors
May 28th-June 1st , 2001 Seminar on documentaries, Cologne Filmhouse with Werner Kubny: five day event from collecting ideas to finished productions
May 22th and 23th , 2003 dramaturgic Coaching for authors with Gregor Alexander Heussen, WDR, Aus- und Fortbildungsre­daktion
December 5th, 2003 Dietrich Oppenberg media award, remunerative with € 1000, for 30 '-documentation "late reader. Ludwigshafen illiterates get active“, SWR Fernsehen
June 12th-16th , 2006 Film script seminar III, The sixteen story steps: Methodology and formal structure of the Screenwriting, dramaturgy with timeless telling stories realms. Cologne film house. By: Keith Cunningham und Tom Schlesinger
October 24th 2006 „Ernst-Schneider IHK Medienpreis 2006, Kategorie Technik / TV“ remunerative with € 10.000, for Quarks & Co, „Unter Strom“